Loader / Earthmover / Grader

These tires offer you superb traction, more grips, enhanced cut resistance and increased puncture resistance.

  • CB798



  • Unique winter compound ensures excellent traction in mud and on snow and ice
  • New designed sidewall with a protective band on the shoulder/sidewall interface provides good protection against accidental damage
  • Open tread pattern in shoulder ensures good self-cleaning in the snow and mud
COMPLETE SIZE Pattern Tread Depth


Service Index Standard Rim
405/70R20 TL CB798 24 143B/155A2 13
14.00R24-★ TL CB798 30 153A8 8.00TG
15.5R25-★★ TL CB798 31 160B/176A2 12.00/1.3
17.5R25-★★ TL CB798 35 167B/182A2 14.00/1.5
20.5R25-★★ TL CB798 39 177B/193A2 17.00/2.0
23.5R25-★★ TL CB798 43 185B/201A2 19.50/2.5
650/65R25-★★ TL CB798 48 180B/200A2 19.50/2.5
750/65R25-★★ TL CB798 67 190B/209A2 24.00/3.0

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