Rigid Dump Truck

These tires offer you superb traction, more grips, enhanced cut resistance and increased puncture resistance.

  • CB771



  • Aggressive lug design with large blocks at tread center provides excellent traction and braking on rough road
  • Different compounds to optimize performance in all applications
  • Additional protective sidewalls are shaped to minimize damage from cutting
  • Optimized retreading ability due to robust casing
COMPLETE SIZE Pattern Tread Depth


Service Index Standard Rim
14.00R25-★★★ TT/TL CB771 48 169B 10
16.00R25-★★ TT/TL CB771 55 177B 11.25/2.0
18.00R25-★★★ TL CB771 64 189B 13.00/2.5
18.00R33-★★★ TL CB771 68 211B 13.00/2.5
21.00R33-★★★ TL CB771 68 203B 15.00/3.0
21.00R35-★★★ TL CB771 77 204B 15.00/3.0
24.00R35-★★★ TL CB771 82 212B 17.00/3.5
14.00R25-★★★ TT CB771A 48 169B 10.00/1.5

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